Thursday, June 10, 2010

x-mas .... just around the corner

in life now with so many children the present buying list has gone up. in my family of four children there are way to many to buy for. so make three list and promise to stick to them { well as much as we can } so we don't go over budget. so starting in June we sit to make our three list, the first is pretty easy because its the card list. the second list is "the buying list" which is everything we have to buy for the gifts that we are giving. the last list is the homemade gift. this list is probably the hardest because everything is homemade and it is made form the heart. so getting the gift just right for each person is not that easy but it is fun thinking it we will talk about each list and what is need to save the most for xmas 2010.

the card list:
this list is used for two reasons. the 1st part of the list, if we are honest with our self there are those people that we really don't want to get a gift but for some reason feel that we have to. well this year we are not. these people will get a card. they will get a warm message and wished a happy holiday season. if you don't want to give a gift don't because that takes away from the meaning of giving in the first place. the 2nd reason for the list are for those who have sent you cards and for far away family members you want to send a card to. what ever you reasons you have a list of people each year. make sure to have the envelopes and stamps with their addresses ready to go.

The buying list:
this list is usually broken down. for me i break my list down into three. my children, my family and my friends. those are the three categories that i buy for. now your name may be put down in one of these categories but i may later move you to my homemade gifts.once my list is made i then break it down in to amount sections. i have a $10 section, $20 section and a what ever it cost section. the what ever it cost section is usually something i can find on clearance or sale. something that i have in my gift closet or something i may be re gifting. each of these people get a card as well.

the homemade list:
i make a lot of different things and craft a lot of my gifts. my cards are usually hand made and i try to bake some gifts. for the homemade gifts you make your list according to what you can make. i know some of you are saying that you are not crafty. you don't have to be crafting to give a homemade gift. {in later post i will have homemade gift ideas posted} you can put in the dry ingredients for homemade cookies into a jar with the recipe. once you write down who will be receiving a homemade gift you then write down three possibilities of what they may get. there for if something doesn't work out you have a back up plan. each one of these people get a card to .

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