Thursday, June 10, 2010

freebies ... do you know what your doing ???

i would love to say that i am a freebie queen but i am not. i am still learning and i am still learning the tricks of the trade. when i googled the best way to go about doing freebies and being safe i came across this article:

i found that this made it a little easier for me after reading through it all. i had to pay attention where i was reading because this site does have other thins going on on the page. the part that i found most helpful was how to fill out a freebie form.i also found "How to Determine if a Free Offer is Legitimate"

this made it even more comforting to know about some of the things that were mentioned. this link is apart of the whole article and i found it to be informative. i feel a little more comfortable posting about freebies now after posting this.

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