Wednesday, June 9, 2010

how to build a coupon organizer - 3 ring binder

there are many different kinds of organizers but i will be talking about one. the three ring binder. i talk about this one because it is the one i use and the one that is the most simplest to put together.i will break it down into easy steps and share with you how i made mine. because this a frugal blog it should not cost more then $6 to make this organizer and in only 5 steps, but if you have school age children then this just might be {{ brace your self ;)}}free.        what you will need is :
-a three ring binder at least a 1inch or bigger.                                                   figure 1
-a calculator
-baseball card protectors
-page protectors
-pencil pouch

there are a few other things you will need tat should be in your home. such as a pen,cutters and paper. 

gather all of your supplies and coupons that you already have. no worries if at the end your book doesn't look as full as figure 2 you will get there soon.
im going to break down the put together into steps.
                                                                                                                   figure 2

1. put dividers in binder(5) with a few of the baseball card protectors in
2. at the end of each section add one page protector.
3. name each protector in the order of what you put on the checker.
     example: this is how i load my checker and how my book is set up
~first i put up the dry/can goods so there for that is the first section in my
~then i put up the fridge items so that is the next tab
~after that i put freezer items so that is my third tab
~following that i put house hold items making that my fourth tab
~last to go up is misc. items making the last of my five tabs
~use folder pocket for current ad papers
4. the regular page protector is for over sized coupons.
5. use the paper for your list and put all tools in the pencil bag

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