Saturday, June 12, 2010

its going to be a hot one

are you looking for things to do wit your family this summer. well look no further. it will be a hot summer and we will have our air running mostly all day, so for my family we will be out in about each day doing a family activity so the air can be set to 90 and it wont be running up my bill. we will be leaving at the heat of the day and going some where fun and turn the day into a field trip day. so i have looked into many different things that you can do and most are free if not low in cost. you will have to look at each individual link to see what best fits your family.

free shows in vegas:

free stuff(not often updated but good deals):

family fun with kids in vegas:

links to family fun places in vegas:

**these are just recommendations i may not go to all of these my self and can not guarantee anything. have fun stay cool this summer

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