Wednesday, June 9, 2010


we all have them now what do we do with them. i found it to be best to save them. because i shop for food products and other products on two different trips, it is easy for me to get rid of unneeded receipts. for food products i keep receipts till the next shopping trip. but when the checker is giving me one i ask for another. I keep one for our records and one for return and price matching purposes. same for non food receipts.

keeping your receipts in a folder or pocket of your coupon binder will help out in stressful moments when you are trying to return something or if you need it for gifting reasons. Now why a second one you ask? well why do you want to have to read over a marked and folded receipt when it comes time to do your taxes. having a receipt for your records makes that stressful not so fun time a lot easier.

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